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Why do successful people buy expensive things? Here are 6 reasons


No matter what you say or what you think the facts are: Quality goes hand in hand with price.

An LV $ 5,000 bag made in Italy has a completely different quality than a $ 100, $ 200 or $ 500 bag.

A car for $ 20,000, the so-called economy class, will never be as safe, fast, stylish and prestigious as a car for $ 200,000.

Pants for $ 1000 are of a completely different quality than those for $ 30.

Successful people buy things for their quality

I noticed such a view among my friends: "You don't save on everyday things (By default - for your health, comfort, etc.)"

I will give an example: A friend of mine bought a 0.9 liter coffee teapot for $ 400. I thought he was crazy, but he explained that plastic kettles spoil the water.

Another time, another friend of mine bought a coffee grinder for $ 500. Freaky what? However, no. I bought 3 grinders myself for $ 20, for $ 100 and for $ 150. You know what? Either these grinders were useless because they had coffee badly or they broke after 3 months.

When I drank coffee from a MANUAL grinder for $ 500, the coffee was a masterpiece. Such a quality ground grain your palate will not experience from a worse device.

Do you know what I did? I bought the same grinder and now I enjoy coffee every morning. Every.

Successful people value quality of life. They strive for her!

2. Money is there to make your life easier

People who value themselves over money choose what will make their lives easier. It is better to fly comfortably first class than to squeeze in a yellow ryanair. Some people will pay up to several times more for such convenience.

See, it's natural for each of us:

If you can afford not to nestle in cramped car seats, why do that?

Since you can afford to buy quality food, you can't buy a sprout with a short expiry date on sale.

If you can go somewhere in a comfortable car, then you will not take a tram, bus or train.

If you can drink better alcohol, you won't buy a bottle with a red card.

If you can live in a luxury villa with a pool, why not?

3. Safety and comfort matters

I used to drive a 20-year-old VW Passat and I remember times when I traveled around countries with a small number of highways. Did you know that during 500 kilometer journeys, I was close to a road collision 2-3 times each time? Each time it was not my fault, and other drivers who bent the rules or simply did not know them.

One day I got angry and told myself enough! I stated that I need a better and safer car. That's how I bought a Lexus.

Why does someone live in a luxury apartment, in a closed housing estate with security?

Because he wants to have comfort, peace and security. Everyone deserves a rest after a hard day's work. Why is someone buying a laptop or phone for $ 1500? Because you can rely on such equipment.

Why does someone pay $ 300 to visit the best doctor? Because it pays off more than waiting for 12 months in a queue.

Safety and comfort are of great importance. For many people, they are worth any money.

4. We buy to make our dreams come true

Do you know why I bought a Lexus? Not because it is an expensive car. I bought it because I can fulfill one of my dreams. After all, I work to make my dreams come true. Others too.

You work the same to make your dreams come true. Everyone fulfills their dreams in proportion to their financial capabilities. Don't blame others that they have more options than you. Be patient, work and one day you will have it yourself.

5. Expensive things in the hands of successful people are tools

This is a quote from a businessman's book. Mr. Adam said at the very beginning a very important thing: "If someone comes to my luxury property in London or talks to me about business on my exclusive yacht, no one asks me about my CV."

In other words, what you have can confirm that you are good at what you do. A good suit and watch facilitate business meetings. Whatever you think, people pay attention to it. If you are well dressed and have an expensive watch, it is easier to get along with the other person. These are the facts

It makes life easier. That's it.

6. It is not that money is bad.

Money doesn't make an intelligent person stupid. Money will not make a modest person suddenly become brave. Money is not something that will make soda water hit your head. Yes, people blame money, but the truth is that money only helps exaggerate what is already in you.

If you are a good person, you will do more good with money. If you make people dirty, that person will make money out of it on a larger scale. If a person is rude, he will be more rude with money. If a person is modest, he will remain modest.

If someone is modest, and after earning money becomes rude, then be sure that such a person pretended to be modest.

Why do successful people buy expensive things? The last fifth reason is: Why not?

If you can, why would you deny yourself? After all, do you work to have everything you want? Simple truth.


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