• Marcin Szymanski

Why do most people fail in business?

Maybe you are a person who runs a business, maybe you have achieved success or maybe you have failed? Maybe you are thinking about starting a business but you do not know how or are you afraid of failure? If you are one of these people then this article is definitely for you.

Why do most businesses fail? Statistics show that it is even 98%. Does this mean that in today's world when there is so much competition - are new businesses doomed to failure?

If I had to answer with one word I would say NO.

Absolutely not, competition has always existed and will always exist, thanks to the competition potential customers learn about the existence of a specific product or service.

Thanks to competition, customers can buy high-quality products. Why? - because it is the competition with competition that forces you to improve quality.

So why are businesses failing and why are potential businessmen afraid of competition?

MINDSET - this is the answer.

Mindset is what drives us or not to specific actions. Our attitude can help or even guarantee success or lead to a rapid disaster.

Imagine investing $ 5000 in business, planning this business for many months, developing strategies and it turns out that you fail. What will you do then?

Don't take it personally but most people will give up and cry that they've lost their money. This is understandable to me because no one likes to lose money. However, you must answer the question: did I consider failure and did I realize that business is a risk?

If you have not asked yourself this type of question, it means that you need to be more prepared for such an undertaking if you want to try again.

Why am I writing to you about this? I want to make you realize that success is not accidental, it is not a matter of happiness it is a matter of work, perseverance, learning new skills, being up to date and changing the way of thinking which is probably the most important thing.

Imagine an iceberg with the tip sticking out from the water. If you don't dive, you won't notice what is below the top. Similarly with business, many people see this vertex or beautiful houses, luxury cars, yachts etc. However, we don't see those sleepless nights, sweat poured out, hundreds of hours of work, money invested and sacrifices. However, if you dive deeper into the world of business, you will see how all these successful people reached the peak. You will see that they have not given up, you will see that they have failed hundreds of times and you will see that they are getting up and going on. Thanks to this, they drive luxury cars and live in the Caribbean. Thanks to this, they fulfill their own dreams.

Will you achieve great success if you follow their footsteps? Nobody can guarantee this to you, but I can guarantee you today that you will fail if you give up.


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