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What is email marketing and why email marketing?

Email marketing has quite a long tradition. That's how before instant messaging, before social media appeared, email marketing was widely used in customer acquisition and the sale of various products and services.

In 1971 Ray Tomlinson sent his first text message and since then email has been with us almost every day. Most people can't imagine functioning without an electronic mailbox. This is very good information for anyone who would like to use this promotion channel.

Email marketing is a very effective form of advertising and thus reaching the customer. This is a very good form of warming the relationship with the customer, providing him with necessary information about the product.

Email marketing is delivered to one of the most private places on the network which is your mailbox.

There is no other channel on the Internet to reach a client who, while building a relationship with this client, would at the same time offer a return at the level offered by email marketing. In addition, there is no second channel, the use of which becomes the first or last activity we do during the day. Most email owners visit their inbox at least once a day.

No matter if you have a large company or are just a beginner entrepreneur, this form of marketing will be a very important tool for you.

Why email marketing?

1. Email has larger reach.

Facebook has nearly 2 billion active accounts, and some sources state that this number is much higher, Twitter is about 300 million accounts. As you can see, social media is a great source of traffic for advertisers. This data is impressive, unfortunately there are no regularly available statistics on email accounts.

From the information I have obtained, the number of email accounts is about 5 billion and is constantly growing.

On a daily basis, we don't really wonder how important email is, we write messages to friends, we send photos to our family, and email is not just a regular messenger, a substitute for traditional email.

We set up an account on Facebook or Instagram, we must provide an email, register in the online store, provide email.

Email is an online currency, and everyone who is online has an active email address. And while Facebook and Twitter may seem quite ubiquitous, the ongoing struggle for data breach and privacy means that many people are leaving some social media channels.

Therefore, when it comes to contact with potential clients and clients, there is no channel with a wider reach than e-mail.

2. Email is inexpensive.

I do not know the second such cheap advertising method, advertising on television or radio is the cost of often many millions of dollars. Email is very cheap, the cost of one email sent is often a few cents if large volumes are involved.

For small businesses, email is often the only way to quickly and effectively advertise online. Email is fast and measurable.

That's why email should become the driving force behind your marketing efforts. You don't need to have a big budget. Good intentions, learning a little and the right software is enough.

3. Email is fast and easy to create.

Creating an email is simple, all you need is the right text and software with built-in functions. On the web you will get many solutions that will help you quickly create a professional looking email such as GetResponse. You can find reviews of this software in my blog.

Lack of knowledge of HTML is also not a barrier, because you can create beautiful and professional mailings in GetResponse.

You don't have to design complicated animations or create additional applications, because e-mail programs may not display it. Act according to the "It’s simple - keep it simple!"

Email is Fast on many levels. To implement an email into your campaign, you don't need a long planning period, strategy, or analyst team to ensure that everything fits together and opens properly and at the right time.

Automation will do everything for you, you only need to prepare content.

The idea of a great email can be born at any time, in the shower, during dinner or while you are walking with your child in the park. All you have to do is write a text, insert a photo or video, give the machine a task and it will work.

Secondly, the distribution of even a million messages can take less than one hour! If you take care of your contact list in the right way, up to 200,000 people can see (and process) your ad in two hours! This is impressive.

If marketers have to choose between adding a subscriber to their email list or acquiring a new Facebook fan, probably choosing a subscriber's email will be a better idea.

First, about 90% of emails are delivered to the recipient's inbox, and only 2% of Facebook fans see your posts in the message channel. This is because Facebook limits the visibility of your activities to encourage companies to use paid advertising.

For example, on Facebook, if you publish an update for 20,000 fans, only about 400 of them will have the chance to see it in their news feed. Similarly, if you send an email campaign to 20,000 subscribers, at least 18,000 of them will receive it in their inbox.

This means that your message is 45 times more visible using email than Facebook.

Secondly, if your subscribers gave you their email they clearly wanted to tell you that they prefer this form of contact.

There are strict rules and regulations regarding SPAM regulations, so if you send an email to a potential customer or client, this is because he has agreed to it. Now think about ads on your Facebook news channel - have you asked these companies for marketing?

4. Email drives conversions.

The most important goal of marketers is to convert a potential customer into a paying customer.

And when it comes to conversions, there is no stronger channel than email.

According to various surveys, 4.24% of visitors from email marketing buy something compared to 2.49% of visitors from search engines and 0.59% from social media.

It is very important that email is measurable.

You can examine exactly what happened to your message.

Who read it, what they clicked on (email is interactive), what they did on your site and whether they made a purchase.

No other form of advertising will give you such complete and immediate results. Not only quantitative but also qualitative data will allow you to plan your next actions and develop them into a professional communication strategy.

5. Email is interactive.

This is a form of advertising that the recipient of the ad can react to. Let's take a traditional leaflet. One of the things you can do with her is first of all putting it in a trash can or putting it in your pocket, and then put in a trash .

Email gives you a lot more. You can answer it. You can click on it. You can display dynamic gifs presenting different variants of one offer (e.g. different colors of the same shoe model).

The best thing about email is that you immediately know WHO and WHAT he did with your advertisement (email is measurable).

In recent years, many brands have invested millions of dollars in the purchase of large social networking sites to be able to communicate and interact with recipients.

While companies invest in various social media platforms, Facebook often updates its algorithm to reduce the number of followers who will see the brand's post, unless they are paid advertising.

Twitter seems to be heading in a similar direction with the announcement that it will also introduce an algorithm-driven channel.

The problem with social media is that our accounts on their platforms are not really our property and are controlled by third parties.

Meanwhile, the email is not owned or controlled by any particular entity. It is an open communication platform and there are many websites for creating email.

If you invest time and money in creating a mailing base, you will gain great access to a group of potential customers and thus gain an advantage over the competition.

Build trust with customers in your email list:


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