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Best Affiliate Marketers

If you've ever heard of affiliate marketing, you've probably also heard that in this way you can earn money, potentially great money. Yes, it is a fact because there are those who have made money on affiliate marketing of a fortune.

Why are only a few achieving great success? The answer is very simple, because here, as in any business, you need a lot of energy and commitment to work, perseverance and years of trial and experimentation. It is not true that in affiliate marketing you will earn a lot of money in one night, it is not roulette, although here you can lose. But compared to roulette, affiliate marketing is a real business, worth billions of dollars. If you approach it with the right commitment, devote time and energy, but also some money, then you can build a really cool business.

Here are 10 marketers who have achieved success in this industry.

You have to understand that they didn't do it overnight, but it took years of learning and experimenting with new things. They've invested money and time to get there.

10 affiliate marketers to learn from if you want to succeed.

1. John Chow


Blogger, speaker and entrepreneur. John Chow rocketed onto the blogging scene when he showed the income power of blogging by taking his blog from making zero to over $40,000 per month in just two years. And he did it working only 2 hours a day. Today, John Chow dot Com is one of the biggest blogs on the Internet, with over 300,000 active daily readers and followers. John Chow dot Com is ranked number 16 on the AdAge Power 150 list and number 1 in the list of the Top 50 Canadian Internet Marketing Blogs. John is the Author of Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul, which rocketed to #1 on within the first week of release. He has written many other books and runs one of the biggest money making blogs in the world. He has been featured in such publications as The Vancouver Sun, the Globe and Mail, the New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Ming Pao Magazine and BC Business Magazine. He has also appeared on numerous radio and television shows, like The Lab with Leo.

2.Rae Hoffman

Rae Hoffman aka "Sugarrae" is an affiliate marketing veteran and the CEO of PushFire, a digital marketing firm that specializes in SEO audits and PPC management services.

Rae (Hoffman) Dolan is the co-owner of PushFire and serves as an Advisor to the company on an as-needed basis. In 1998, Rae started a small website about her first son after he had a massive pediatric stroke. This site became one of the first international support groups on the topic and earned national media coverage that helped further medical research in the field.

3.Neil Patel


Neil Patel is a New York Times best selling author. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies. He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United Nations.

Neil is the co-founder of Neil Patel Digital, learned marketing because he had no choice. At the age of 16, he created his first website and paid a few marketing firms to help him out, but they provided no results and took all of his money. He was left with no choice but to learn marketing, and he eventually got good at it.

4.Mark Ling


Mark Ling is a New Zealand based entrepreneur with 6 companies to his name. Mark reputedly became an internet millionaire at just 21.

Mark is the founder of Affilorama. He also created Traffic Travis, which has been downloaded over 292,000 times in CNET's

Mark attended the University of Canterbury. He lives with his wife and 2 boys in Christchurch, New Zealand.

5. Missy Ward


Missy Ward is a co-founder of Affiliate Summit with Shawn Collins. In 2003, they created this event for the purpose of providing educational sessions on the latest industry issues and fostering a productive networking environment for affiliate marketers.

Back in 2003, Affiliate Marketing Conferences had a very negative connotation. At that time, the most popular event was an annual cruise around the Caribbean called Affiliate Force. Missy Ward and Shawn Collins were part of the organizing team of these conferences, but due to different point of views in the way these events should be handled, they were dismissed. As a result, they decided to create an alternative shortly after the April 2003 edition of Affiliate Force.

The first Affiliate Summit East took place in November 2003 in NYC with 200 attendees. Missy’s and Shawn’s intent was to create another kind of event focused on content and networking. Fast forward to 2011, Affiliate Summit has become one of the leading conference and tradeshow in the affiliate marketing industry.

The event is so popular that it is usually sold out and it features the biggest names in internet marketing both as speakers and attendees such as ShoeMoney, John Chow or dk.

6.Shawn Collins

This editor, affiliate marketer and blogger is the founder and associated with many organizations. Like he is the co-founder of Affiliate Summit, founder of and Co-Editor-in Chief at the FeedFront Magazine. So there is no end to his skills and talent!

7.Rafael Zelik

Rafael Zelik is the founder of affiliaXe, a global marketer leader and performance based company that specializes in lead generation and client acquisition.📷

AffiliaXe has some great advertisers like just cloud,, mind spark, Babylon, iLivid etc. AffiliaXe offers a wide variety of high converting offers representing major and niche industries. Rafael Zelik has created a network for affiliate marketers to promote products.

8.Andrew Payne

Has been active in the digital marketing industry for over 10 years, initially in 2005 introduced it to marketing called affiliate marketing, and later moved to founding a digital marketing agency in which he and his team work with B2B companies to increase sales and manage sales online strategy .

In 2016, he returned to the roots of affiliate marketing to challenge himself and develop into new ventures. Along the way, he shared many details about his progress and had the privilege of giving advice and tips to others who were just beginning.

The feedback he received from those whom he helped and a satisfying feeling that gave him to help others, led him here and thus created

9.Zac Johnson

He is the President as well CEO of MoneyReign, Inc and owner of His latest venture includes a personal blog that enlightens readers about the successes and failures of life. This internet marketer, blogger and affiliate marketer has made it by keeping it simple!

10. Jeremy Schoemaker

Well! I do not think this guy needs any introduction. Jermey Schoemaker is a well known figure on the internet because of his most viewed image holding a Google Adsense check of worth $132,000+.📷

So everyone knows about him that he has made fortune in affiliate marketing. According to an estimate he has made millions of dollars with affiliate marketing.

In 2003, he started his blog and turned the things around. When he was 28 years old he was running into a debt of $50,000 and severe overweight problem. But after launching his blog he was able to make more money in just one month than his entire life.

In 2007 with his partner Jeremy launched Auction Ads and eBay affiliate marketing services. His blog has a loyal readership of 30,000 people and it ranks top 50 affiliate marketing blogs in Technorati list.


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