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The principle of Cialdini's authority - How to build credibility in business?

Do you have that you have been applying for a dream job for some time but nobody appreciates your achievements? Or maybe you have a great product that doesn't get much interest ... or doesn't sell at all? These two situations share one issue that I want to tell you about and give you some quick tips to introduce.

If you don't sell as much as you would like ... You don't have the relationships you would like in your life ... Or you still don't get something right in your life, maybe because people don't believe you. They look at your promises with a grain of salt. How to change that? How to be credible in the eyes of people who can buy from you? How to be credible in the eyes of the employer when applying for a job?

Visit to the store

Let's recall a life situation - a visit to the store. You go for toothpaste, you want to buy the one that is best for you; refreshes breath, gets rid of bacteria, gently whitens teeth. Your criteria narrowed down the selection area. Instead of 50, there are 2. One of them has a badge ... say - Dental Institute, and the other has no badge. Price, appearance, weight - similar. Which one do you choose?

You will probably choose the one with the certificate. 97% of people will do that. Why?

Principle of Robert Cialdini's authority

Author of many publications, dr. Robert Cialdini, dealing with social psychology in his book: "The rules of influencing people", described the phenomenon of human behavior, which he called the Principle of Authority. How does this principle work?

Purchase decision in a situation of large selection

With a large selection, most people will choose what they recommend people who themselves believe to be reliable - for example, listen to a man in a white tailcoat who advertises toothpaste in TV commercials. Why are we doing this?

Because we often prefer to take a shortcut, right? And there is nothing wrong with it.

I don't know about you, but I don't go to the library every week to study a new topic, e.g. read chemical books and analyze the composition of toothpastes. I do not think for too long what they should have in the composition, although this does not mean that the composition of the toothpaste is not important to me.

I just don't have time for some things. Seeing this stamp, I know that someone did this analysis for me. When will the stamp affect my decision?

Authentication factors

If I trust the Dental Institute and consider their opinions reliable, I will buy a paste that they recommend. My teeth will benefit and I will buy a product that I trust. If I don't trust them, I won't buy.

If you run a business, it can be the same for you. You can have a great product, but if you're not credible, then nobody will buy anything from you, and then sales may start to remind you of something unpleasant.

It is not without reason that people love to buy, but they don't like selling something to them. There's something to it, right? In this situation, help is often sought on the Internet, but you also need to know that the Internet is full of beginner marketers who are trying to explain to you how to create marketing and sales messages effectively.

The problem is that these tips do not translate into financial results in most cases. If you want to learn the art of selling in a way that does not cause reluctance of others and makes people buy with pleasure, then click here and learn more.

How to build authority? The Principle of Authority consists of two factors. The first is your knowledge and fluency in the field, and the second is credibility.


How do you show yourself from the good side without bragging? If you are applying for a job and are waiting for an interview, send a letter of recommendation one week before the interview with your qualifications, experience and advantages. What happens if you don't? You may feel pressure that you have to prove your qualifications during the conversation.

Being aware that a potential employer knows everything you would like about you, you can calmly focus on other things and the natural course of the conversation 🙂


How to authenticate business and gain people's trust? What does Cialdini advise? By introducing a new product, we can easily raise credibility by revealing a small product defect and showing distance, eg: "Listerine - a taste you hate. Three times a day".

Thanks to this, we prove that we have nothing to hide, and at the same time we show a sense of humor. Why is that important?

Most people are fed up with asexual companies that only focus on themselves. Show the human face of the brand you create, and consumers will appreciate it.


All you have to do is become an authority in the field and let people around you know it. Have the "Dental Institute badge" that will give you an advantage. To do this, show proof that your product is great and you are trustworthy. Maybe instead of sales offers show the opinions of satisfied people? Maybe it is worth changing the history of your company on the website? Maybe you should write a letter of recommendation? Maybe it would be useful to analyze the descriptions of your products?

People don't have the magic power to guess your strengths, experience and achievements. The second thing, what you say about yourself must be true, develop constantly, build your knowledge, explore issues, gain experience ...

Are you tired of the situation in which you develop your business day by day, invest in advertising, maybe you pay to advertising agencies, and your business still has no customers? If so, sign up for the course: Effective sales communication. This is a video course in which I teach how to communicate with fans to sell.

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