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Online courses: "Make Money Online" - what do I think about it?

You've probably come across internet advertising, or email advertising, about making money online many times. Already at the beginning of this article you have to ask yourself whether is it possible to earn money online?

The answer is definitely YES!

In the age of developed technology, in the age of cryptocurrency trading, making money through the Internet without leaving home is quite natural. And it's not just about digital products, but also physical products. For example Dropshipping, sales on Amazon or Ebay - you don't even need to have contact with the products you sell on these platforms, you simply conclude appropriate contracts with suppliers or producers and the entire sales process on the manufacturer's way - the customer is automated and you receive commission on sales.

This is one way of earning online, and there are plenty of them, and today I will describe the issue of earning online through the sale of non-physical products, i.e. digital products. What are digital products?

Digital products can be called any products that are not physical or such as courses, training, software, advice and consultation. Of course, I'm talking about the digital form of these products as indicated in the title of the article. You can, after all, buy training and be physically present at such training.

So, does online courses on the popular topic 'Make money online' teach you to earn money, teach you to do business?

If I had to answer briefly and with only one word, the answer would be YES again! but....

This is an interesting online course, in the opinion of many the best you can find on the internet. I personally completed this course. have to watch what you buy!

This is very important and I suggest you read it carefully. You will find a lot of Make Money Online (MMO) products on the internet. These are usually online courses that teach how to earn without leaving home, how to earn using only a laptop or smartphone and how to achieve great success in it. Unfortunately, not every course is for everyone and what is important: NOT EVERY COURSE IS LEGAL!

Yes, not every course available on the internet (even on reputable sales platforms) is legal. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in the network who just want a quick bucks and they really don't sell you anything valuable. What these people sell to you is usually copied from Google content or a free e-book that they do not write and try to earn.

And now I have two good news for you: the first is the growing human awareness of the attempted deception. People are becoming more cautious and make non-spontaneous decisions. This fact means that people who want to cheat someone are increasingly giving up their intentions. The second message is all kinds of reviewers such as YouTubeers, forum users, Instagram users, bloggers publish reviews of various products and thus expose potential spammers. However, I must emphasize that and here you have to be careful, because sometimes there are false negative opinions of a product, which are created by competitors or dissatisfied customers who do not really know how to use the product or use it incorrectly.

Unfortunately, it is true that it happens that by reading opinions about some products you can find 80% negative reviews and 20% positive reviews. In this case, most people will opt out of buying this product and this could be a big mistake. Research shows that for products like MMO, people often do not understand the intentions of the creator of such a course. You need to read very carefully and listen to what the product creator has to say.

>>>If you are looking for a good course, check it by clicking the link right here<<<

I will give you an example: you find an online course (MMO) to teach you how to earn $ 10,000 online in the first month and $ 100,000 in the next 6 months. Many people will see this as a promise of earning this money, as a kind of guarantee. Nothing could be more wrong - the author does not promise you that you will earn this money, the author promises that you will learn a strategy that has brought him and some of his students such income.

Any self-respecting creator of such a course will put at the bottom of the website Disclaimer which explains that such earnings are not typical and there is no guarantee that you will earn such money. You can earn more, you can earn less, the same or you can earn nothing.

The sentence like "I will teach you how to earn $ 10,000 a month" is not a promise, it is only a promise that the author will teach you how to earn. The author will show you all the strategies he used to earn, and these strategies have enabled him to achieve success, but that does not mean that you will also achieve success. It all depends on your mindset, the effort, the work you put into business, the decisions you make on the investments you make, the software you use, the number of hours worked etc.

So why does the author mention $ 10,000 a month? Because this is the average salary of him and some of his students and this is proof that by using proven strategies you also have the chance to succeed.

You certainly do not need to explain to anyone that success is not possible in one night, success is sleepless nights, sacrifices, hard work and perseverance. If you come across an offer that guarantees you success within a week or even a month, it should be a warning signal for you. In my opinion, such an offer is definitely spam. It is not physically possible for a beginner to earn big money so quickly, business is a slow process, step by step.

So how do you choose a good course?

First of all, you have to read reviews on various blogs and watch reviews, e.g. YouTube. Choose only those blogs that in addition to reviewing products deal primarily with specific topics, and reviews are just an addition to such a blog.

Check if the author of the blog is not the creator of the product that is reviewing, if someone is reviewing their own product then you stay away from it - it is certainly not an honest review.

You can write a private message about the product to the author of the blog, the vast majority of bloggers will answer you honestly because they care about their own reputation.

The next thing is reviews on YouTube, that's where you can find a lot of reliable reviews. Remember, however, that not every YouTube review is honest, and here you can also find ads pretending to be reviews.

When it comes to YouTube, choose channels with a large number of subscribers, likes and comments. Be sure to check if the author of the movie is not the creator of the product as in the case of the blog.

Another issue is the price of the course, which you don't necessarily have to suggest. As in the case of physical products, a low price usually means a lower quality product, a higher price will be paid for a better quality product.

This does not mean, however, that you should look for the most expensive product, because the most expensive product does not mean the best. Yes, expensive products, both physical and digital, certainly offer high value, but before buying, you should check whether the slightly cheaper product is also high value.

How much should you pay for a good MMO product?

Certainly the price should be adequate to the value. If the product is comprehensive, it offers a wide range of knowledge, many modules, video materials, regular updates, 24-hour service assistance, the possibility of joining the affiliate program, its price cannot be low and should be in the range of $ 1000 - $ 2500 for the whole course. Of course, a higher price is also possible, but then we expect additional bonuses such as telephone consultations, Skype, live meetings, one-to-one mentoring. A lower price is also possible but from my own experience and many people I know that the prices of courses for $ 300- $ 500 are usually of low substantive value and do not usually offer exhaustive knowledge.

Is $ 1000 for an online course a lot? The answer is NO!

>>>My recommendation<<<

Imagine that creating a good online course is really hard work and often a lot of money spent on investments. Many well-known mentors / businessmen have spent several years and even spent several million dollars to develop effective investing strategies. It requires many stages of work, many attempts, corrections, testing of hundreds of strategies to finally choose the one that is effective and works. Such a person must also employ a staff of employees who will help in the implementation of the training and will work as a customer service representative.

In addition, in a good course you get knowledge whose acquisition in other circumstances requires years of studying at the university and risking your own money. By purchasing the course you pay only once or a monthly rate and you get everything you need to be able to start your own business.

We must remember that every business requires investment, without investment it is really hard to do any business. Of course it is possible but then you need a month or years to create a popular blog, YouTube channel or other form of business that will generate profits.

I know that it will sound brutally what I write now, but personally I think that if you want to do business and you do not have money for investments, you should first work for someone, save money and only then start investing. This does not mean that you need tens of thousands of dollars for investment. But you have to take into account that you need at least a few thousand dollars to start a business and it will be money that you may not recover, every business is a risk.

If you're looking for a way to do business online, the easiest and cheapest way is affiliate marketing. Almost everyone can do it, but here you should work diligently and persistently and of course without investment you can not do. First of all, you need to buy a computer if you don't already have one, invest in an online course, buy business process automation software such as Funnels Builder, Autoresponder for email marketing, software to track customer traffic on your website, buy domain, hosting, website.

When I started my adventure with business (I deal with affiliate marketing) it was 3 years ago. I spent $ 1750 on an online course, marketing software / tools is $ 250 a month, advertising expenditure $ 500 a month.

As you can see, these amounts are not high if we talk about business and I think that most people who are serious about business will be able to accumulate the necessary funds.

Below is a link to the course that I completed myself. If you are interested, you can get more information by clicking the link. You can also send me a private message.

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