• Marcin Szymanski

Is the power of the subconscious mind fiction?

I am sure that you have once heard about the subconscious, maybe you have read a book or experienced this action yourself.

In any case, the power of the subconscious is a phenomenon that is not fiction according to some people and according to others is just a topic for a book or fantasy film.

In this article I will focus on my thoughts on this subject, which result from reading many books but also from life experience.

According to some people (including scientists, psychologists), the subconscious is the "sister" of the consciousness and in contrast to the consciousness - the subconscious never sleeps, does not rest, works 24 hours a day, even when we are sleeping - she makes sure that things that happen are programmed in it.

It is here that the answer is what the subconscious really is. It is a kind of guard and at the same time a processor that ensures that our lives go as planned. Probably each of us can perceive this issue in different aspects. Believers say that the subconscious is programmed by God, others say that it is related to the cosmos and the energy flowing from there programs our subconscious. There are also those for whom God's existence does not conflict with science.

Regardless of how you imagine the subconscious, it works and is real. As a rule, we do not think about this phenomenon, because we believe that things are just happening, that everything turns on itself.

However, this is certainly not the case, perhaps our civilization is not yet advanced enough to investigate this phenomenon thoroughly, but it happens every day.

Have you ever wondered why some people are millionaires and others are poor? Why do some sing and others work in factories, why do others save lives and others kill?

If these and other questions are swarming in your head, I assure you that not only you are thinking about it. If you are not one of those people who learned to program their subconscious mind, you probably complain about life often saying: I can't, why I am unlucky, nothing in my life goes well etc.

To be honest, I feel very sorry for you that you are wrong, because until recently I thought so too. I am not trying to convince you to my opinion, I just want to tell you that there is no magic, sorcery or luck - luck is not just a word. Everything that happens in our lives is the result of our consciousness and especially the subconscious.

If Bill Gates is a billionaire, it is not because he was lucky that he was born in the USA, but because of unknown phenomena (energy) his brain was programmed to push him to specific activities such as studies, hard work, perseverance, self-confidence, dedication, thoughtful decisions. All these activities have caused him to be where he is.

Perhaps now you will think: I have studied a lot, I graduated, I was persistent and I am still poor ...

Not only do you think so, many people think so, but have you ever asked yourself the question: Was I really persistent or do everything I do with passion? Did I never doubt, did I never give up and did I always visualize my future and whether my plans were clearly defined or just said to myself: I will be rich, I will have a beautiful wife and I will live in Australia ?

I think your plans were like this: I will be rich - but what does that mean ?? To be rich is to have a million dollars or 10 million or a billion? I will have a beautiful wife - what does that mean? - You want your wife to be a blonde, have blue eyes or maybe a brunette with gray eyes. I will live in Australia - but where? on the coast, in the south, in the north, or maybe on any island ??

If you do not specify goals clearly, your subconscious will not help you achieve your goals.

Example: you live in New York and go on a trip to San Francisco, before entering you enter in the navigation "San Francisco". Satellite navigation will probably take you to the center of San Francisco because you haven't entered details. However, you are not interested in the center, you want to see a specific object, museum, park. Navigation will not direct you to a specific place, unless you program it properly. It's the same with your mind, your subconscious mind. If you do not program the subconscious properly, for example: I will earn $ 2 million, I will live in Sydney, Australia in the city center, my wife has blue eyes and her name is Anna. These are specific plans and notice that I do not use the word "wants", I used the word "I will". This is a huge difference. You must visualize the future as if it has already happened and define plans with details so that your subconscious knows how to manage your life to lead you to a specific place. Your subconscious mind is a computer that needs specific tasks to accomplish.


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