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How do you find perfect customers on the Internet?

Are you trying to find your potential customers in social networks?

Do you know where they most often spend time when they are on the Internet?

So that your marketing activities are not wasted, you should first determine who your customers are and which social networks they visit most often.

In this article, I will write you how to determine and where to find your ideal customers on the Internet.

# 1 Identify your perfect customer

The first thing you need to define before you undertake any marketing activities is "Who is my ideal customer?"


Because if you don't know this, you enter the market in the dark. This is a big mistake, which usually costs a lot of money.

Most often, people respond with something very general, like "women, salespeople, company bosses, jobseekers" ... Although this answer may be true for you and directs you to a specific direction, in practice it will not help you find Internet users who will be interested in your offer.

It's just too general.

A popular way to determine the ideal target audience is to create a so-called "Avatar". In other words, it is a "portrait" of an ideal customer.

Why is this so important?

In one of the American companies, the marketing department created an ad, on which they spent millions. It turned out that advertising is a complete flop. The company lost a lot of money. Nobody knew what was going on, until the boss asked the expert to look at the situation from outside. The expert suggested that the creators of the ad come out from behind the desk and become sellers in their local store for several days. Their goal was to talk to customers and ask them about their feelings about advertising.

The results were shocking. Only 4% of customers liked advertising. The remaining group of 96% thought the advertisement was too cunning and arrogant. They claimed that the ad made fool of them, and the character in the ad was a smart guy.

The creators of the ad were shocked.

This is how the attempt to act according to your own "sees me" and to ignore the importance of creating your perfect Avatra - "image" of the perfect customer ends.

It's simpler than you think.

Imagine a person who is the perfect customer. To simplify the task, answer the following questions:

Female or male?

What age is she?

What interests her/ him?

What does it think / what goals does it want to achieve?

What books does he read / program / visit websites?

What is the problem with?

What things do I like / buy?

What celebrities / authorities in a narrow circle of herrings?

Does it have something unique that sets it apart from millions of other Poles?

Which device does it use to log in to networks?

How much does he earn?

Where he lives?

What does he do on weekends?

It doesn't matter if the answer to several of these questions is: "It doesn't matter." I think you understand the way you think and you'll come up with a few more criteria that only match your target audience. There are a lot of ways to do this on the Internet. Try to draw the most detailed picture of who your clients are or who you would like them to be your clients.

# 2 Find the perfect customers

Once you have created the portrait of the perfect customer, we can go to search.

In order not to take a lot of time, I will tell you immediately that MOST Internet users can be found on Facebook. There are over 1 billion of them.

You can use the free Facebook tool - Ad Manager and check exactly how many recipients your target audience has. The number of options you can choose is amazing!

This is also a good tip for those planning to start their business.

The "Interests" category allows you to enter virtually any item that has been posted on your profile by at least a hundred people.

Warning, it gives you hundreds of thousands of possibilities. For example, enter "cooking", then more specifically "Italian cuisine", "Chinese cuisine" or "French cuisine". You can also check "Pizza" and then "Pasta". If you work in the food industry, these criteria are a powerful tool to reach the right target group.

You can also include a job position in the "Interests" category. Want to reach retailers, distributors, human resource managers, journalists, doctors, dentists or managers? This option is especially useful in B2B space.

If you still think these options are too general for you, you can always refine them even more. Also exclude people who are certainly not interested in your offer and combine thousands of other interests with each other.

Remember that identifying potential customers is just the beginning.

The next step is to take action to reach them.


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