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High & Low ticket affiliate marketing.

High ticket affiliate marketing

Knowing the difference between traditional affiliate marketing and high-ticket affiliate marketing can drastically increase your income.

One of the disadvantages of traditional affiliate marketing is that you only get paid on front-end sales. Front-end sales are usually low-ticket items.

For example, if you refer a customer and they buy a $200 product, depending on which site you sent them to, your commissions will be anywhere from 2-50%. In rare cases, some programs will offer you more on front-end sales, but for the sake of this example let’s go by what the majority of programs offer, which is usually 2-50%. This would translate to $4-$100 in commission.

When you start marketing online, you'll quickly realize that it really costs money to increase traffic to your pages. You need to direct traffic to your offer, pay for advertising or spend time creating content that will attract potential customers to your offers. Making low commissions will not lower it unless you sell in large quantities.

It is very logical to sell high ticket products, everyone would prefer the highest sales commissions possible.

Answer the question, what kind of activity do you want to run, will it be based on volume or value, e.g. do you prefer to do one sale per month for $ 10,000 or 1000 sales for $ 10 each?

I mean, all affiliate marketers WANT to sell high-ticket items, but it's harder to sell someone who spends $ 1,000 versus $ 10, right?

Personally, I highly recommend getting interested in high-ticket products, for example, when you refer a customer to buy a product for $ 2000 and your commission is 50%, you will earn

$1000 on one sale! Cool, yeah?

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Considerations on high ticket affiliate marketing

For both high-ticket affiliate and standard affiliate marketing, you are responsible for marketing, so don't spend all your marketing dollars on earning high affiliate commissions compared to $ 10 or $ 30 commissions. Most people just don't understand this ROI equation and this is very important for your business success.

If you do not understand affiliate marketing, you can quickly use your entire marketing budget to promote selected products. You must remember that you are only a partner and that you are not the owner of the products you promote, thanks to which you gain for every completed transaction.

The essence of high ticket affiliate marketing and having a high ticket affiliate program is that it is really important to generate sales for the company by sending a customer to it.


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