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GetResponse -email marketing software

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of online advertising with a high ROI - ROI. It is one of the key factors creating sales and a positive brand image. To run effective campaigns it is worth using appropriate tools - such as GetResponse. In today's post I will present what is Getresponse and what functionalities it has.

It will be an honest review based on my many years of experience with this platform.

This does not mean, however, that I have never tested other e-marketing platforms, I am also still using other platforms.

Why does I review GetResponse?

There are at least a few reasons, one of them is a lot of messages that I receive from my fans on Instagram or Facebook, but probably the most important reason is the fact that I have been using GetResponse for a long time and all the time positively surprises me in a positive sense.

The price is also surprising, because already for about $ 15 a month we get a basic package, which is fully enough for a beginner, a person starting a business. Let's be honest, $ 15 is 3-4 cups of coffee.

I would not like to be accused of favoring this software because it is not. I am just grateful to the creators of the platform for the fact that they provide such advanced marketing tools that have helped me take my business to a higher level.


GetResponse is a platform that offers a number of attractive solutions necessary for email marketing. This tool was created for both large companies and representatives of the small and medium-sized enterprises sector. It is addressed above all to those entities which do not shun from large-scale campaigns and are focused on achieving the best results.

GetResponse is a marketing tool so easy to use that everyone can handle this software. All you need is a few instructional videos that you can find online or a lot of online courses that GetResponse offers.

This fact does not take this platform status of advanced software.

GetResponse is a company with many years of international experience. Available in 21 languages, the platform serves clients from over 180 countries.


GetResponse is a comprehensive set of email marketing tools. Customers can choose from a number of functionalities such as:

  • e-mail marketing package that allows you to easily plan your strategy, meet campaign recipients and establish lasting relationships with them,

  • landing pages creator - market research shows that about 70 percent B2B companies (business to business) use landing pages to acquire new leads and increase conversions,

  • Marketing Automation - i.e. simple design of complex, extensive campaigns with the option of observing the activities of subscribers in real time,

  • webinars - modern online meetings / trainings using webcast technology,

  • autoresponders - automatic feedback messages that can be adjusted to the needs and interests of subscribers,

  • forms and surveys,

  • address database management tools,

  • statistics and optimization - tracking customer behavior makes it possible to optimize campaigns according to the expectations of specific groups of recipients,

  • drag & drop design tools news and landing pages,

  • account and campaign management tools,

  • integrations - the user can choose from over 100 ready API integrations, he can also create his own applications with public API,

  • Enterprise services - a package consisting of standard GetResponse solutions and additional options in the form of, among others dedicated infrastructure, full personalization, professional consultations etc.


To become a GetResponse user, you must register an account, which you can test for 1 month for free. In the registration form you must provide:

  • e-mail address,

  • user name,

  • password.

Then just click "create account" - it is synonymous with accepting the website's regulations. The next step is choosing the right package.



The first month is free, so you can check the options offered by GetResponse. After this time, it is necessary to purchase a subscription tailored to individual needs. Its price depends on the size of the e-mailing list. The following options are offered:

BASIC - 11 Pound Sterling ($14) - includes:

  • Email marketing

  • Autoresponders

  • Unlimited Landing Pages

  • Unlimited automation templates

  • Sales funnels (1 funnel)

  • Unlimited lead gen funnels

  • Facebook Ads

  • Sell e-products

PLUS - 37 Pound Sterling ($46) - includes:

  • Everything in BASIC and more:

  • Automation builder (5 workflows)

  • Webinars (max 100 attendees)

  • Simple CRM

  • Contact scoring & tagging

  • Sales funnels (5 funnels)

  • Work together (3 users)

  • Webinar funnels (5 funnels)

PROFESSIONAL - 75 Pound Sterling ($94)

  • Everything in PLUS and more:

  • Custom DKIM

  • Paid webinars

  • Unlimited automation builder

  • Webinars (max 300 attendees)

  • Unlimited sales funnels

  • Unlimited webinar funnels

  • Work together (5 users)

ENTERPRISE - 1199 Pound Sterling ($1500)

  • Everything in PRO and more:

  • Transactional emails

  • Account manager

  • Dedicated IP address

  • Deliverability consulting

  • Single sign-on (SSO)

  • Webinars (max 500 attendees)

  • Email campaign consulting

GetResponse Video:


Another thing that convinces me very much to GetResponse is the possibility of cancellation.

You can cancel anytime. To cancel your paid account, just log in, click on My Account, and choose My Billing. Scroll down to the Cancel subscription section and click on it. You need note that when you cancel an account, all your account data will be lost.

GetResponse offers up to 50% discount for non-profit organizations.


Not without significance is the fact that GetResponse easily integrates with a multitude of external applications and services such as:

magento, salesforce, WordPress, Facebook, Paypal, slack, stripe, BIGCOMMERCE, shopify, WOOCOMMERCE, ETSY, Prestashop, amazonpayments, Alter, BingAds, BlueSnap, Capsule, ClickDesk, ClickBank, Convertful, DPD, Desk, Drupal, Eventbrite, Formstack, Freshbook and many more..

As I mentioned earlier, I've been using GetResponse for several years along with other such platforms. So why do I use other platforms if GetResponse meets all my expectations?

The answer is: I like to follow the news and even if something suits me very well, I still test the competition.

Similarly in the case of smartphones, I am an iOS fan but I also use Android in my company.


I think it has some, but I haven't found any yet. Despite the long time of using this Software, I was not able to test 100% of the features, because this platform has as many options as there are stars in the solar system.

Really countless options are able to satisfy even demanding users, if any of you find a flaw in this Software just share this information with me.

At the end of the review, I will share with you a description of selected GetResponse functions:

- GetResponse interface and creating customer base for the newsletter

GetResponse after logging in gives the impression of being functional with a user-friendly interface. Thanks to the intuitive arrangement of all available options, we do not have to look for the one we need at the moment.

As for the customer base, I usually use the option of importing the database from an Excel file, because it is the most convenient, considering that in most CRM systems you can extract data to xlsx and csv files. When importing the database, the user can specify what type of data each column from the file is. It is useful because when sending mailing, such a database can be easily divided into specific sub-bases corresponding to, e.g. product type

- Email creation and testing

Here we can use two options - "drag & drop" tool or HTML environment. HTML language is not foreign to me, however, I prefer to use the first tool that offers a lot of ready-made templates. The tool also offers the option of creating your own template. It is very simple because we have a number of "boxes" that can contain: graphics, text and graphics, text, button or typically graphic elements such as lines, links, etc.

We can also easily import our own graphics and easily embed them in the template. In the button and graphics, we can also sew a link with a reference to the content we are interested in. Thanks to placing such a redirection, our recipient will not only be a "passive" reader of mailing, but we will allow him to make some kind of movement, reaction, and we will provide him with more information about our products or services.

Before we decide to send mailing to recipients, it is worth to see what it will look like when it lands in their inbox. GetResponse gives the option of sending a test to the email address we specify. After performing such a shipment, it's worth checking the "spam score". It is especially important that our campaign does not get into the so-called "spam" because it will not be read by the recipients and the prepared mailing will simply be ineffective.

- Campaign Shipping

When it comes to shipping options, we have three in the GetResponse system - immediate shipping, shipping on a specific day and time, and the "Perfect Timing" option. In my opinion, the last one deserves the most attention, which I also use most often. Thanks to it, our message will reach recipients exactly when they actually use their mail. This solution increases the openness rate of mailing, and this is what we care about the most.

- Results, statistics, reports

When we create and send our message, what next? This is where all the mailing fun doesn't stop! The most important for us are the results that our campaign achieved. Thanks to the statistics that are available in the system, we can see how many people opened the newsletter, how many people clicked on the link and, e.g. what was the bounce rate. Statistics also allow us to export to another e-mail database a list of contacts containing those people who opened our newsletter. It is known that such a group of recipients will be more "susceptible" to our communication and it is to them that we can direct our subsequent mailing campaigns.

- Marketing automation options

The last option available in the system that I will focus on is "marketing automation". Thanks to it, our newsletters can automatically reach specific recipients interested in a particular topic. For this option to work properly, you need to "sew" a pixel on the website that allows you to recognize the user, assign him an email from the database and send a newsletter. Also here we will find a simple "drag & drop" tool in which we create the entire communication string. Step by step we determine after which actions will be sent subsequent messages.

Let's say someone is interested in a jacket and clicks on the store's jackets section by browsing the range. At this point, the GetResponse system recognizes that it is this user from the database that has entered the "Jackets" tab and sends him the previously prepared mailing with the proposed products at a discounted price. Such mailing is very effective and allows you to get high returns on investment.

I hope that at least I've familiarized you with the subject of email marketing using this tool. Of course, there are many other email marketing platforms, although they are usually more expensive, or at a similar price, and at the same time they do not offer so many solutions that even an inexperienced person can handle. The choice is always yours, you are to be satisfied with the software, but the purpose of the review was to describe in my opinion one of the best solutions. However, if you choose other platforms, you will certainly be satisfied too, you can always change the software after a while.

I wish you a successful choice and good luck in your enterprise.


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