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Cold traffic and warm traffic.

Imagine that you have an interesting product and you are sure that you sell it quickly, you do advertising and you wait and nothing happens ... You ask yourself questions: why? After all, the product is great and has a reasonable price, why no one wants to buy it?

The answer is simple: you probably made an advertisement of the product to people who do not know you and do not trust you, i.e. you made an advertisement for the so-called "cold traffic". Your ad was sent to people who don't know your company and they don't know if they can trust you. Some say: I will always sell something even to those who do not know me. This is partly true, because marketing research proves that selling products on cold traffic is about 2-3%, i.e. if 100 people from such traffic see your product, 2-3 people will buy it if you are lucky. But this is not what we want to sell little and spend 14 hours a day in the office of your company and earn small money. Is not it?

The goal of any business is to generate large profits that allow for a comfortable life. Therefore, the goal should be to send advertising to 100 people and achieve sales at 10, 20 or even 50%, we want our products to buy as many people as possible. How to do it? The answer is very simple again: you have to build trust and relationships with your clients. When your customers trust you, they will buy products from you and they will come back to you.

I think you have already understood what warm traffic is and what cold traffic is. Let me expand my insight, however.

Cold traffic

Cold traffic is a situation when our advertising, the offer goes to people we don't know and they don't know our company and our products. As I mentioned above, people usually do not buy products or services from an uncertain source. We humans have a "red lamp" in our heads that lights up when we feel any danger or are unsure. If we go shopping in the supermarket, we usually buy products that we know well, the same is the case when we go to a hairdresser or beautician - will we go to an unknown hairdresser or beautician? - no - we will choose a hairdresser we know and trust in him.

There are exceptions when cold traffic sells, for example, when we sell a product very cheap for the price of a cup of coffee. In this case too, however, warm traffic works better.

Unfortunately, many companies still don't care and they lose a lot of money on advertising campaigns and returns from campaigns often don't cover losses.

Warm traffic

So how can we define warm traffic?

We talk about warm traffic when people who know us and our products are interested in our offer. These are the people with whom we've built relationships for a long time, the people we offer value for example through additional bonuses, free e-books, coupons or discounts. These are people who often bought something from us earlier. They are people who buy from us the value and benefits of the product rather than the product itself.

It is really beneficial for both sides - because you give these people a certain value that helps them in some aspect of their lives, while you receive remuneration from these people in some form.

How to generate / build warm traffic?

The most effective method is to build a mailing database and constantly expand it. The e-mail box for each of us is a very personal communicator, we often have several e-mail addresses on various portals, and often we store messages from many years. For us it is often a return to the past, a sentimental journey back when we read e-mails received 5 or 10 years ago. Although the email history is very long, it is still a great source of customer acquisition and sales. The Emails database will for a long time be a valuable resource of any successful company.

For more on email marketing, please visit the email marketing topic on my blog. You will learn how to build an effective mailing database and how to manage it.


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