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This is not a method of effortlessly making millions in a week, but if you are not in a hurry, you have a light pen and a topic that you would like to write about, blogging can be a business idea.

Starting a blog does not require large investments, but it does not guarantee success.

However, no business guarantees success, in every industry you have to work hard to achieve something, and ultimately, not everyone is able to achieve the initial assumptions and run a profitable company.

How can you make money from blogging?

This is a topic for a separate entry, because the possibilities are many, you do not have to limit yourself to making money on affiliates or advertisements, you can create your own products, not only digital. The best thing about blogging is that you don't have to start a business right away, you can start blogging and building a community, test your business idea before you invest larger amounts.

BUSINESS IDEA - Virtual assistant


An increasingly popular business idea that is becoming more and more popular. If you are pretty good at embracing reality and you can help someone run his business, nothing prevents you from trying this opportunity and trying out your business as a virtual assistant.

BUSINESS IDEA - Running a profile on social media


This is another business idea that requires no financial outlays. If you know a bit about internet marketing and social media is your daily bread, it may be the perfect business for you.

There are many companies that do not want to deal with running profiles in social media and willingly pay someone who will do it.

BUSINESS IDEA - Copywritting


If you have a light pen and you like to write, you can make a business idea out of it. Writing offers, or copywrtting in the original sense of the word (very recently stretched in many different directions) can be treated as an extra job, but you can also start a company that will specialize in writing different texts for other entrepreneurs. These can be offers, articles for company blogs, articles for magazines, or texts for a website or a product catalog.

There are a lot of possibilities, the demand for content also in the era of content marketing is constantly growing.

BUSINESS IDEA - Researcher, infobroker


If you love to "fumble" in search of information, you are extremely thorough and inquisitive, and independent, curious about the world and willing to learn new things, maybe you should think about becoming an infobroker. However, this is not a business of searching for simple phrases in the Google search engine. You will probably have to learn a lot, but in the information age, this business idea may turn out to be quite right.

BUSINESS IDEA - dropshipping online store


You don't have to buy a ton of stuff and stuff it in the corners to run an online store. If your business idea is a dropshipping shop, all you have to do is set up a website, contract with a product supplier, and smart marketing and promotion of your business.

The goods you sell don't even have to go through your hands. The manufacturer will pack them and send them directly to the address you specify, and you will only receive a commission for acquiring the customer.

Quite a convenient business idea without leaving home.

BUSINESS IDEA - Affiliation


Actually, you can earn on affiliation even without starting a business, and this point should be taken under blogging. However, you don't have to have a blog to earn affiliation, because there are many other ways. Blog, however, seems to be the most affiliated business idea. You can promote affiliate links in any form, not necessarily on your blog, you have a whole lot of interesting places on the web (for example, Pinterest, which is one of the platforms where affiliate marketing is doing very well).

BUSINESS IDEA - Audio, video processing, graphic designs


More and more people need support in creating content. New podcasts are created, lots of content on youtube or even on Facebook in the form of video. If you can do it, it can be a pretty good idea for a business without leaving your home.

BUSINESS IDEA - Proofreading


Here you will need some knowledge of the language and a lot of patience, but such businesses are also in increasing demand. More and more companies appreciate content marketing, but not everyone can write in such a way that it is pleasant and easy to read. If you can deal with texts in such a way that they are perfect, it may be a business idea just right for you.


BUSINESS IDEA - Sketchnote


Another trend that is gaining momentum and is becoming more and more popular is sketchnoting. Sketchnotes are nothing but cool visual notes. Because they are an extremely pleasant form of content presentation, more and more people use them in their businesses. If you like taking notes, you can create a business based on visual notes.

BUSINESS IDEA - Handicraft


If you are extremely talented (how many readers of this blog!), Maybe you create beautiful handicrafts? In this case, be sure to think about whether this is not your business idea. I know handicrafts are a heavy piece of bread and for most people who make them more passion than business, but I encourage you to read the article "How to get customers for handicrafts" and think about whether you would like to turn your passion into business.



Thanks to new technologies, you can teach almost anything without leaving your home. If you're good at it, think about your own business.


BUSINESS IDEA - Hairdresser for animals


This is a business that you can easily run at home. If you are up to date with the latest trends in the world of dog fashion, and you love animals and you can cut and comb them beautifully - use this idea for the company.

BUSINESS IDEA - Travel planner


This business idea requires you to leave your home, but not at all to run your business. Simply, if you travel a lot, you can advise others on the choice of route, carrier, hotel, airline or dining options. There are people who are willing to pay for the preparation and planning of their trip.


BUSINESS IDEA - Creating and positioning websites.


The Internet is constantly evolving and there will always be something to do here. If you still don't have a business idea and you feel that this is something for you, think about this option.

BUSINESS IDEA - Gift baskets


If you're great at wrapping presents, and in addition you know what you can put into such a gift basket for a specific person, think about making a business idea out of it.

It's an increasingly popular and convenient product, you can take advantage of this fact and make it a prosperous business.




If you love to cook, have knowledge of healthy eating and someone to help (because it's certainly not a task for one person), think about whether diet catering would not be a good idea for a company. Although there are currently quite a few companies on the market that deal with this, it only shows that there is a demand for such services. We are getting busier and at the same time we are more aware that we should eat a healthy diet. In addition, many companies providing this type of service do not use all the possibilities, so certainly, if you try, you'll find a place for yourself.


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