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About obstacles to success in life, sport or business

About obstacles to success in life, sport or business

How to achieve success How to have more money and more time for what really matters?

You have to earn it - that's how everyone knows it. But it is not everything. Because on the road to success, you have to face countless daily obstacles that ...

At first glance they seem really mundane. And often even nobody will think that they can have a significant impact on our future. I will give you an example from my life ...

A few years ago I got seriously ill. You know how it is ... When you are in shape, you feel that you can achieve everything. And indeed this attitude translates into your results.

But when you feel bad ... When you fall out of this rhythm for a moment ... It's different. Simple decisions seem to be more difficult. The head is heavier. Mornings are harder. There are more doubts. You feel regular fatigue.

I had it when, due to illness, I started to stuff myself with various medications. In extreme moments in my life I weighed 55 kg and I felt terrible. Why am I writing about this?

At the time, I thought I had a really hard time in my life. That my problems are unique. And I was wrong.

Because almost all of us think that our problems are unique. When someone tells us about their problem, we are looking for space to complain about ours in a moment.

It is convenient to think that something could not be done because ... this or that. It's an easy way and the head will believe everything.

That's why I will give you advice. You must have a voice of reason that will not believe everything you push in times of crisis. You need a voice that will bring you to earth.

Then you will fall out for a moment, but you will soon return to the game. Or you won't give up even for a moment.

When someone tells me today that he is so tired and injured after the first few "bruises", thinking that he has the biggest problem in the world, I know that it is not these bruises that are an obstacle to that person's success, but that will surrender.

I have problems, you have problems. We all think they are big. And it certainly is. But at the current stage of our development.

A few years ago I also thought that my problems were big. Today they are as delicate to me as mosquito stings. What's more - I know that the biggest challenges are still ahead of me. And I'm happy as hell.

I am grateful to myself that I have not given up (sometimes!) Monotonous building my business in these most difficult moments in my life. When it was their own thoughts that gave the most impact. What helped me then?

Whenever there were doubts arising from fatigue, this common sense would say, "You are tired, that's why you think negatively. Tomorrow you will get up and everything will be ok again. "And it was.

I got up in the morning and started again. Rested thinking completely differently. So in my opinion one of the keys to success is not believing everything that the mind suggests. Make some distance to what you think.

Among other things, thanks to this I acted, crossed the border, and when I needed to rest, 2 days on the weekend, I lay on the bed and did nothing. I was just resting and regenerating.

I keep doing that once every few weeks.

And how the problems lasted for 2, 3, 4 years, I analyzed what I have to change in my life so that everything gets back on track. I took the approach: "Since I had neglected my body for years, now I have to invest the same amount of time to rebuild it - 2, 3 or 4 years - and be patient."

I did it (I took responsibility for it) and went on.

In the meantime, no matter what my head told me, I realized my dreams. I'm still building my business, but now I know I won't give up.

I wouldn't have achieved it if I had treated the first obstacles as an excuse to give up.

And you, what is your approach to problems and challenges on the path to fulfilling your dreams?

Oh, one more remark. Everything that I wrote above concerns the situation when your work is your greatest passion. When you feel what you are doing makes sense.


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